Your Friendly Neighbourhood Promotional Paper

Take 5 is an entertaining business in the business of entertaining! While conducting mutually beneficial business with other local companies, Take 5 Publications spreads laughter and smiles to the public for FREE! Sounds like an excellent idea, doesn’t it?

Having heard about similar publication companies, our owner and designer Carolyn Taverner decided that this was an opportunity that could not be ignored, and Take 5 Publications was born!

“With some hard work and ambition, Carolyn and her sister Wendy got Take 5 up and running. The paper slowly developed a reputation for being fun and interesting, and local businesses caught the Take 5 advertising bug!

Take 5 is all about the satisfaction and entertainment of our advertisers and readers. We hope that you enjoy our website, and that you will take some time out of your busy schedule to come and visit us again!

Carolyn Tavener

Carolyn Tavener


When asked what the best part of running Take 5 is, Carolyn will always say that it’s the satisfaction of knowing that everyone who deals with Take 5 is benefiting from the experience. In other words: she loves to see everyone smiling!

Fred Powell

Fred Powell


For over 10 years, Take 5 Sales Representative Fred Powell, was crucial to the success of the paper and its advertising component. Ambitious and determined, with over 30 years of experience in sales, Fred was the perfect choice for this position. A senior member of the Take 5 staff, Fred was the driving force behind Take 5’s advertising and personal relations.